Bug Feature with Store Account

Ken N

We have a scenario where we owe a customer a balance of -$40.00 on a store account. We then ring up a sale for $30 and the customer wants to use his balance to pay for it. The employee clicks on the Store Account as a payment option and then types in $40.00 based on what they see at the top under Store Account Balance. The system will tell the employee to give the customer back $10.00 in change. At the end of the day, the employee register log shows the employee is missing $10.00. The problem is mixing between two different types of payment, Store Account and Cash refund. The system does not report the cash refund given back to the customer from the negative store account balance.

I'd like to propose a fix by making sure that the Store Account payment shouldn't exceed the balance due just like how the exact number shows up when the credit card payment is selected. Using the example above, if the employee types in $40.00 for the Store Account while the amount due is only $30, the system should only apply exactly $30 as Store Account Payment and leave -$10.00 on the customer's account. Any balance that the customer owes us (positive balance) should be paid through the Customer menu > Pay.