Changes to Work Orders Module

Adam Fertig

The work orders module is designed around doing a "repair" on a product. I would like to use it for an installation of automotive items. Change the "items being repaired" field to "Customer Vehicle" where we would be able to enter a customer's vehicle information which would include vehicle details, and we would be able to track previous history on work/installs being done. Also have a vehicle attached to a customer record so it auto populates. Hope this isnt asking to much! Would help our business tremendously.


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Chris Muench


Front Desk

Agreed. We do a lot of services on archery equipment that the customer brings in. I need to track products that we don't sell as part of work orders.


Bob Meyer

Likewise, the Work Order module would work great for me if it was a little different, too. Rather than repair something, I make custom blown glass pieces - and this would help tremendously. The Work Order process is very similar, but the terminology is different - e.g., "Item being Made" rather than "Item being Repaired", "Estimated Completion Date" rather than "Estimated Repair Date", etc. Labels like "Service Tag" are certainly still applicable.
Would it be possible to have field customization available in Configuration, and just use/not use fields that are applicable?
Also, I'd suggest a "Save" button somewhere to make it consistent with the rest of the program - not just a "Done" button. Also, the "Service Tag" seems to generate only the equivalent of price stickers - with no customer name or dates or anything - which would not be useful to us.