Tracking User Activity

Mohamed Dib

Add new feature that allows tracking user changes, activities and actions on the data. This should also be enabled in test mode as well. This is needed for auditing purpose.


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Chris Muench

Status changed to: Planned


Kate Goldner

Status changed to: Under review


Jason Huang

This will be very helpful. We have many users access the system. Each user need to update the ticket status (Ticket Type field). Will be good to have the auditing report to track when the ticket status has been updated by which user for auditing, thank you


Chris Muench


Paul Williams

Bob Meyer: Agree, though I would probably convert to a self-hosted license if the price were increased more than $10/mo.


Bob Meyer

This would be helpful, even if it's only me screwing things up - at least I'd be able to tell when I did it. At the same time, I'd like to know what Chris's tipping point is for increasing his charge for the POS - I think it's a great deal to get what we do for the price.


Megan Straile

We were going to make the same suggestion. We have several departments that access the system, and changes must be documented.