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In Count Inventory feature, can you add a function which I can "Update Inventory and Continue Count Later"? The only options there are "Close/Finish Count and Update Inventory", "Close/Finish Count and do Not Update Inventory", and "Continue Count Later". It would be helpful if you can add the feature to "Update Inventory and Continue Count Later". This is for a store with large inventory to count. When I am counting my inventory, I prefer not to close the store so I can still sell products. But In my case that I have larger inventory in display, I want to count phase by phase. In order to do this, I would like to Update Inventory and Continue Count Later. So even if there are customers buy items that I already count, there will be no descrepancies since I already updated the inventory. Thank you.


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Chris Muench

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Jody Kelsch

One possible issue with this might be that the POS would only be able to update the items that were scanned, and if it is showing inventory on an item and you in fact don't have it (aka it's stolen), then the POS would assume that it is just an item that you haven't had time to scan yet.

Another possibility would be to create a subset of items to work on. In my case, my item numbers start with a 3 letter code.
For example (HPI103668) meaning it is a part manufactured by HPI Racing and it is their part number 103668.

So maybe we could create a count and base it on all the items that start with "HPI". That way the POS can show me any expected items that I didn't scan.

Then create another count basing it on items that start with "EFL".

You could also use the UPC to group the manufacturers since each manufacturer seems to have the first 6 or so numbers the same on all their items.

Being able to group them by any field in the Items table would work great. If you don't have unique manufacturers for item numbers, then you could use a custom field to group your items.



You have a good point on grouping items in counting inventories. It might be a good additional request for this specific feature request. However, when you pointed out that there might be conflicts with the items that are not scanned yet, I think the idea of this feature request is that the process can be paused if the employee/s that are assigned for counting doesn't have much time to continue counting inventories.

The scenario given is that, if I have a large number of inventories that one whole day is not enough to count those items and I don't want to close my store for many days just because I have to count for 2-3 days (and that's a lot of potential sales to sacrifice), I have the option to update my inventory without messing up the process.

The purpose of the feature is that it will help me to count inventory by phases and not allowing my store staff to sell items covered in that phase while counting but still selling other items in other phases that are not counted yet. And when we finished counting that first phase, we will update the inventory and move to the other phase, and the items covered in the updated phase will be allowed to be sold. In that way, I can count my inventory without closing my store entirely.

I hope this explanation may clarify the feature request. And I do appreciate your suggestion as well. I hope this will benefit us all who use the system. Thank you and God bless.