18.1 Fixes & Improvements
05/10/21: Fixed issue with work order's and quantity when starting work order then completing payment
05/6/21: Hide store account payments in reports fixed for customers --> detailed report
05/6/21: Transfers with quantity units now fixed
05/5/21: Sales and recv. APIs do NOT show deleted sales
05/5/21: Work order custom fields now show on PDF receipt
05/4/21: Fixed issue on closeout report when store opening and closing time set caused issue with payment section of report
05/3/21: Fixed issue on fullfillment sheet where KIT was displayed by mistake
05/1/21: Only update variation selling price if different than regular price when receiving
4/28/21: Change label of table report for reports --> recv. --> cheapest supplier
4/27/21: Added item id to suspended sales report
4/27/21: Added store config option Show Person ID on receipt
4/23/21: Shopify e-commerce now supports main image in php pos
4/23/21: Fixed code deprecation issue on receipts
4/22/21: Use correct url for editing sale from work order
4/22/21: Don't show cost price in grid without permission
4/21/21: Closeout report for store accounts now does NOT include deleted customers/suppliers
4/21/21: New work order's sales are now created as estiamtes so they don't show until payment collected
4/21/21: Added collect payment button for work orders
4/16/21: In Locations --> edit auto email report day to email wasn't displaying Current day as selected when saving
4/15/21: Added option Tip preset amount of 0% option for CardConnect in store config
4/15/21: Fixed issue where woo commerce settings would not show unless Shopify cancelled
4/14/21: Added store config option Update Cost Price On Transfer
4/14/21: Added Customers --> Non Taxable Customers report
4/13/21: Fixed issue with excel import when not including variation column
4/13/21: Fixed issue with excel export with legacy export format for detailed sales report
4/10/21: Fixed show summary only on detailed sales report excel export
4/09/21: Can now add a new location on mobile devices
4/09/21: You can now run larger excel exports for detailed sales report and also email report
4/09/21: Changed wording on receipt for non EMV cards for CardConnect
4/08/21: Added total to parts/labor section on work order
4/07/21: Added item custom fields to detailed sales report
4/07/21: Fixed display issue with item grid where category color didn't show when hide images in grid was turned on
4/06/21: Fixed bug when unsuspending purchase order with variation where selling price was not shown as correct
4/05/21: Fixed issues with woo commerce. We now look further back to sync orders (7 days). Also when syncing completed orders only, we use the order completion date as sale date instead of order creation date.
4/01/21: Fixed issue where cost price was shown on items summary report without permission
3/30/21: Fixed issue with e-commerce where delivery fee category could be saved more than once
3/29/21: Fixed issue on some servers where Shopify API headers could NOT be read
3/29/21: Added liter (l) and mililiter (ml) to weight unit
3/29/21: Fixed bug when suspending purchase points sale that caused points to be added before completing
3/26/21: Fixed CardConnect race condition with customer facing display
3/24/21: Fixed spelling error in permission templates section
3/24/21: When editing line total error/warning was not given when below cost price
3/24/21: Added Override Signature Text to store config to change the default card statement text
3/23/21: For multi location setups we are now displaying company name on receipt
3/23/21: Fixed memory leak with excel exports that wouldn't allow for large exports to complete
3/22/21: Fixed issue with where category did not display correctly for expenses reports
3/22/21: Fixed issue with font in PDF generation
3/19/21 + 3/20/21: Fixed issue where exclude from tiers for price rule didn't always work when selecting customer
3/19/21: Now displaying custom fields for work orders on work order receipt and sales receipt
3/19/21: Fixed issue where modal dialogs sometimes did NOT display
3/18/21: Print button on receiving receipt did NOT work
3/18/21: Fixed excel export but where paymnet type column sometimes remove currency type
3/18/21: Now display work order id
3/18/21: Fixes bug when receiving variation items with overwritten selling price
3/18/21: Fixes language traslation issues for Shopify
3/17/21: Fixes issues with dark mode for work orders and editing price of part/labor item
18.1 Release
  • Added Shopify e-commerce integration
  • Added Work Order Module
  • Now support secondary categories for item grid + WooCommerce
  • Can now Remove Quantity When Suspending for custom sale types (off by default)
  • Item subtotal before modifiers is now displayed on receipt
  • Added filter to suspended sales screen to filter by suspended sale type
  • Now have preference on which day the automatic report e-mail sends (Current day or previous day)
  • Added non-taxable amount to Detailed Sales Report
  • Improved inventory counting by adding search, column configuration and minor tweaks
  • Expenses now have their own categories
  • Now have the ability to download recent excel exports for items and customers for up to 1 week after exported
  • Added customer email and phone to reports --> Sales --> Detailed
  • Added store config option Automatically Sync Offline Sales
  • Fixed bug in reports --> custom where Item Category filter did not work in all cases
  • Now storing non_taxable total for each sale for faster calculations
  • Now show variation name when sales/receeivings interface collapsed
  • Added option for credit card processing to disable amount confirmation
  • Bulk edit description and long description for items
  • Added custom fields to reports --> deleted sales
  • Added Delivered To in recent sales popup
  • Added employee last name back to receipt
  • Fixed a bug where selecting tier after price rule applied didn't remove rule if excluded from tiers
  • Commission now includes modifiers
  • Added store config option Show Total On Fulfillment Sheet
  • Added support for php 8
  • Minor bug fixes & improvements
18.0 Fixes & Improvements
03/09/21: When merging customers we now merge points
03/02/21: Removed comma from report outputs
03/01/21: Improved sales workflow for EBT/WIC
02/24/21: Fixed a bug with price rules advanced discount not working with quantity unit variations
02/24/21: Fixed a bug with quantity unit variations not showing right price when scanning item number directly in some cases
02/15/21: Now using less memory for excel exports
02/09/21: Changed Barcode Name --> Barcode Display Name to make it clearer on the function on it
02/05/21: Fixed bug where cost price could not be edited after sale completing in some cases
02/05/21: Fixed bug when editing a past sale with unit variation, profit was incorrect
02/05/21: Fixed bug where customer location was incorrectly chosen for existing customers
02/02/21: Fixed an issue where during a return could result in incorrect out of stock message
02/01/21: Improved performance for inventory counting
02/01/21: When setting promo price for woo commerce it now goes until the end of the day
01/28/21: Added inventory print list summary option
01/28/21: Excel export for multiple locations is now faster
01/26/21: Fixed bug where disable loyalty for price rule did NOT always work
01/25/21: When returning a sale or receiving custom fields are now copied
01/25/21: Supplier filter for reports --> inventory --> summary now working
01/21/21: Prevent suspended sale from being deleted twice
01/20/21: Fixed pagination bug for reports --> inventory --> summary
01/19/21: More fixes for reports --> inventory --> summary
01/19/21: Out of stock items in recv. now show in grid
01/19/21: Fixed display bug with variations in dark mode
01/18/21: Fixed bug in inventory --> summary report where variations in some cases reported wrong inventory count
01/14/21: Added person id to detailed sales report
01/13/21: Fixed a bug in top selling report where comparing to a past date did NOT Work
01/13/21: Added better caching ability for cloud barcode images
01/04/21: Limit location selection on showing all receipts to authenticated locations
01/01/21: Fixed bug when selling unsuspending a sale and selling a gift card
12/31/20: Fixed bug when selling suspending a sale with a gift card being sold where value was incorrect after selling unsuspended sale
12/30/20: Added generation date to reports
12/29/20: Prevent accidental double deletes of sales and receivings
12/28/20: Fixed bug in price rule spend get x get discount where items that were disabled from price rules were counted when they should not be
12/24/20: Revert Summary taxes performance and calculations to previous version (17.8) due to bug
12/23/20: Added customer and employee details to appointment API
12/22/20: Added supplier to inventory print list
12/21/20: Fixed issue when do NOT allow transfers to go out of stock when using serialized items
12/21/20: Added address info to reports --> customers --> summary
12/21/20: Change due is NOT shown for store account payments
12/20/20: Fixed bug with taxes summary report in calculation of taxes
12/20/20: Added confirmation dialog when selling a gift card that already exists
12/18/20: Added more validation to gift card logging when making a modification to a sale
12/18/20: Discount flat amount with discounting tax AND prices include tax did NOT set the tax correctly
12/16/20: Use Item KIT ID if item number not available when printing barcodes
  • Added offline sales support (Must use https AND enable in store config)
  • Added option to select quick cash amount by double-clicking cash payment button for quicker sales
  • Can now send daily closeout reports via email
  • Added comment field to damaged items report
  • Can now disable items from price rules in bulk
  • Can now sell gift cards that already exist to add value to them
  • Removed employee's last name from receipt
  • Added deleted/voided to receiving receipt
  • Added option Only count store account payments to reports --> payments --> summary
  • Added cost and selling price to damaged items report
  • Added serial number history reports (Reports --> Items --> Serial Number History)
  • Add store config preference "Items Per Search Suggestion" (Default to items per page)
  • Minor fixes and improvements
17.8 Fixes & Improvements
12/11/20: Fixed a bug where an item with only a cost price set for a serial number could get the wrong selling price set when doing a transfer
12/01/20: Fixed a bug in some cases where payment type didn't display correctly in excel export for reports
11/30/20: Fixed display bug with favorites in grid
11/30/20: Added additional validation when deleting serial numbers on items form
11/27/20: Removed un-used testing/configuration files
11/25/20: Improved performance of WooCommerce integration
11/25/20: Added item description to receivings e-mailed receipt
11/23/20: Fixed bug with advanced price rule with mix and match where rule wasn't disabled when editing quantity
11/23/20: Logo now prints smaller on receipt
11/19/20: Fixed issue where pay now button for customer and supplier store accounts didn't always reset amount to pay to 0
11/19/20: Fixed issue where some permissions could be executed without permission
11/17/20: View report button for customers, employees and suppliers now defaults to 1 year
11/11/20: Fix bug in price rule mix & match rule
11/11/20: Can now import customers without a first name
11/05/20: Fixed bug where excluded tiers did NOT apply to mix and match and spending rules
11/05/20: Allow bulk edit to a zero value
11/05/20: Allow other operations while generating receipts to print for today
11/03/20: Show all receipts does NOT show layaways or estimates now
11/02/20: Added subtotal, total, tax, and profit to summary tiers report
11/02/20: Added option to sales screen "Show all receipts for today"
10/31/20: Fixed bug where show marked down price if discounted showed incorrectly when changing quantity unit to none
10/28/20: Improved performance in api when searching items by e-commerce product id
10/22/20: Fixed bug where service items could be hidden from grid
17.8 Release
  • Added ability to send SMS messages to customers via Twilio
  • Added ability to send SMS receipts to customers via Twilio
  • Added option to exclude tiers from getting price rules
  • Added store config option "Show Item Tags On Fulfillment Sheet"
  • Add price override option per employee “Override Price Adjustments”
  • Added Permissions Complete Sale, Complete Transfer, Send Transfer Request, and Change Sale Date
  • Added customer info tab to sales inteface when clicking customer's name
  • Added loyalty multiplier to bulk edit
  • Can now choose default register per location
  • Cost price averaging now updates quantity unit variations
  • Added Tahil Language
  • Added quantity unit name to expiring inventory report
  • Fixed bug where show price if discounted did NOT work for quantity unit variations
  • Now support currency exchange in woo commerce order import
17.7 Fixes & Improvements
10/19/20: Fixed bug when scanning quantity unit item number
10/16/20: Fixed bug where tax summary report didn't allow you to compare taxes with another date range
10/09/20: Fixed performance for quickbooks sync
10/08/20: Added shortcut key (f8) to view suspended sales
10/08/20: paypal.me does NOT show on estimates
10/07/20: paypal.me works with all payment types
10/07/20: Excel export for suspended sales report now has selling price at time of sale
10/07/20: Fixed bug when scanning serial number in receiving the serial number data wasn't populated
10/06/20: Fixed error displaying in development mode
10/05/20: Fixed bug where error message "Cannot add payment of zero" was shown when unnecessary
10/05/20: Fixed bug when doing batch receiving while in transfer mode
10/05/20: Fixed bug where deleted variations where shown on items not counted page
10/03/20: Improved performance of quickbooks sync
9/28/20: When receiving serial number items the cost and selling price now update the serial number instead of global item
9/28/20: Changed the order of cost and selling price for quantity unit variations to match rest of application
9/28/20: Fixed bug in detailed receivings report where quantity received was NOT exported to excel correctly
9/25/20: Cost price on receiving didn't show in all cases
9/24/20: Improved session cleanup for cloud
9/22/20: Removed un-needed column from report
9/22/20: Improved performance and reliability of our cloud service
9/21/20: Fixed bug when edit customer web hook did NOT include person_id
9/18/20: Fixed bug where loyalty multiplier could not be imported via excel import
9/17/20: Gift card cannot be added via product id on search. You now must choose sell gift card from sales interface
9/17/20: Loyalty Multiplier is now blank when adding a new item
9/16/20: Transfers report now show positive instead of negative number
9/16/20: Improved arabic translations
9/15/20: Fixed bug with excel import for variations with only 1 attribute
9/11/20: Fixed style of receivings receipt
9/10/20: Fixed bug when viewing suspended sales from sales --> clicking customer name didn't show correct sales for customer
9/10/20: Fixed bug where fulfillment sheet wouldn't show items in some cases
9/9/20: Fixed clone employee for use with permission templates
9/9/20: Added location filter to deliveries
9/9/20: Added store config option "Do Not Allow Items To Be Out Of Stock When Transfering"
9/9/20: Updated breadcrumb navigation for employee permission templates
9/8/20: When doing a markup/markdown percent the fee can now be applied partially if 2 or more payments
9/8/20: Updated API to support item unit variations and add new fields to API for 17.7
9/5/20: Fixed bug in loyalty calculation where excluded items were causing point calculation to be wrong
9/5/20: Fixed bug in report details for item quantity variations
9/3/20: Fixed bug in selecting custom columns for reports
9/2/20: Improved validation in store config
  • Added employee permission templates
  • Added ability to have custom fields required/not required per location
  • Added option to items and item kits loyalty multiplier which allows items to earn more points when this is set
  • Added customer info pop up message when adding a customer to a sale
  • Added permission to allow/deny a customer to lookup past receipt
  • Can now import quantity unit variations via excel import/export
  • Improved Dashboard Look
  • Improved report printing
  • Added suspended sales to customer popup on sales screen
  • Added Support of link 2500 pinpad for Worldpay/Vantiv
  • Can now capture signatures on receivings
  • Now hide all prices when doing transfers if employee does NOT have permission
  • Now have option on customer Auto Email To Customer that always emails receipt to that customer
  • Added is ecommerce checkbox to summary sales report
  • Dark Mode now has an employee override option
  • Added store config option to disable updates widget in header
  • Added store config option Prompt Amount For Cash Sale which requires an amount to be inputed when doing a cash sale
  • Added option to have default mailing list for mailchimp
  • Fixed bug where markup/markdown was applied to returns
  • Added List Each Location Separately option for inventory --> Summary
  • Cleanup deleted gift cards also removed gift cards with zero balance
  • On sales screen if we detect a large amount we verify before adding
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
17.6 Fixes & Improvements
8/31/20: Fixed bug when adding an item with price rule + serial number, the serial number wasn't saved to a sale
8/28/20: When doing return the tier id was NOT selected
8/21/20: Improved mobile printing
8/21/20: Fixed small bug in loyalty that could cause issue with item kits
8/18/20: Make sure partial transfers cannot be done (Not supported)
8/16/20: Fixed a display bug where merchant id was NOT hidden from e-mailed receipt
8/14/20: Fixed bug with receipt on mobile
8/13/20: Fixed minor bug where starting value for store account payment could be incorrect with cost price averaging turned on
8/5/20: Fixed minor bug where barcodes would show zero price if location overwritten
7/27/20: Fixed minor bug when using quantity unit variation numbers as lookup order it doesn't always find right item when conflict
7/27/20: Fixed bug when choosing dates in arabic language did not save properly (expire date)
7/22/20: Fixed bug when edit variation on sales and receivings where it could not let you edit when using popup
7/22/20: Fixed bug in excel import where commission could be reset if column NOT included in import
7/20/20: Added device signature capture for CardConnect integration for supported devices
7/18/20: Improved enhanced search method to match 3 char words or less
7/8/20: Improved enhanced search method to match part of each word when more than 1 word
7/7/20: When merging customers the store account balance is now combined
7/6/20: Added store config option Do NOT treat service items as virtual products in woo commerce
6/30/20: Added has supplier filter to the detailed receivings report
6/30/20: Added is purchase order filter to the detailed receivings report
6/30/20: Fixed bug where total discount on receipt could be wrong when selling gift cards
6/26/20: Added e-commerce product id to items as an optional column
6/24/20: Fixed bug in clone variation's for e-commerce
6/24/20: Improved workflow for suspended sales when taking payments less than the total amount when using markup amount
6/24/20: Now have validation for new item quantity unit item numbers to check if they already exist
6/23/20: Made it not possible to edit e-commerce order from delivery screen
6/23/20: When changing selling price in receiving with a variation it now updates the variation price
6/22/20: Added new report: Cheapest supplier which finds for each item the lowest priced supplier for a receiving
6/22/20: Ability to save the state of the interface for suspended sales and receivings
6/22/20: Can you shift + click to choose multiple items from pages for many of the data management tables
6/22/20: Added date & time to inventory print list
6/20/20: Fixed search error that caused unexpected query in some case
6/19/20: Add product changelog widget
6/19/20: Add custom fields to modal dialogs for items + kits
6/18/20: Add total items purchased to items summary report
6/17/20: Fixed bug where tag search index not saved correctly when doing bulk edit
6/17/20: Removed cost price from search when no permissions
6/16/20: Added incoming transfers option to receivings module
6/16/20: Update price rule API to support NULL start and end dates
6/15/20: Add ability to have price rules without a date (always apply)
6/15/20: Add quantity unit name to detailed sales report
6/14/20: Fixed bug when scanning in quantity unit variation on receiving cost price was wrong
6/13/20: Improved mobile view of items --> summary report
6/12/20: Fixed printing issue for some printers
6/12/20: Fixed excel import in some cases supplier wasn't able to match
6/12/20: Changed transfer requests behavior to be approved by transfer from location instead of transfer to location
6/11/20: Fixed excel import for location price fields
6/11/20: Changed .yaml file for API to include is_favorite for items + item kits
6/11/20: Fixed issue where locations override of cost price of 0 is used when it should NOT
17.6 Release
  • Added damaged reason for inventory adjustments
  • Added ability to send transfer requests to other locations
  • When cloning item, variations are now cloned
  • Can now set delivery status from sales delivery dialog
  • Added ability to add an item as a favorite. Then you can view favorites on item grid.
  • Can now disable completing sale if price is 0. (Store config option)
  • Can disable promo via bulk edit
  • Pending inventory on items --> inventory screen now only shows layaways
  • Added ability to have item number for quantity unit variation
  • Added change due to receipt
  • Added item id column to items --> summary report
  • Added store config option Do Not Recalculate Cost Price When Unsuspending Estimates
  • Batch sale and receiving now support serial numbers
  • Improved enhanced search method to give more relevant results
  • Added option to disable sale and receiving cloning in store config
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
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