17.8 Fixes & Improvements
11/25/20: Improved performance of WooCommerce integration
11/25/20: Added item description to receivings e-mailed receipt
11/23/20: Fixed bug with advanced price rule with mix and match where rule wasn't disabled when editing quantity
11/23/20: Logo now prints smaller on receipt
11/19/20: Fixed issue where pay now button for customer and supplier store accounts didn't always reset amount to pay to 0
11/19/20: Fixed issue where some permissions could be executed without permission
11/17/20: View report button for customers, employees and suppliers now defaults to 1 year
11/11/20: Fix bug in price rule mix & match rule
11/11/20: Can now import customers without a first name
11/05/20: Fixed bug where excluded tiers did NOT apply to mix and match and spending rules
11/05/20: Allow bulk edit to a zero value
11/05/20: Allow other operations while generating receipts to print for today
11/03/20: Show all receipts does NOT show layaways or estimates now
11/02/20: Added subtotal, total, tax, and profit to summary tiers report
11/02/20: Added option to sales screen "Show all receipts for today"
10/31/20: Fixed bug where show marked down price if discounted showed incorrectly when changing quantity unit to none
10/28/20: Improved performance in api when searching items by e-commerce product id
10/22/20: Fixed bug where service items could be hidden from grid
17.8 Release
  • Added ability to send SMS messages to customers via Twilio
  • Added ability to send SMS receipts to customers via Twilio
  • Added option to exclude tiers from getting price rules
  • Added store config option "Show Item Tags On Fulfillment Sheet"
  • Add price override option per employee “Override Price Adjustments”
  • Added Permissions Complete Sale, Complete Transfer, Send Transfer Request, and Change Sale Date
  • Added customer info tab to sales inteface when clicking customer's name
  • Added loyalty multiplier to bulk edit
  • Can now choose default register per location
  • Cost price averaging now updates quantity unit variations
  • Added Tahil Language
  • Added quantity unit name to expiring inventory report
  • Fixed bug where show price if discounted did NOT work for quantity unit variations
  • Now support currency exchange in woo commerce order import
17.7 Fixes & Improvements
10/19/20: Fixed bug when scanning quantity unit item number
10/16/20: Fixed bug where tax summary report didn't allow you to compare taxes with another date range
10/09/20: Fixed performance for quickbooks sync
10/08/20: Added shortcut key (f8) to view suspended sales
10/08/20: paypal.me does NOT show on estimates
10/07/20: paypal.me works with all payment types
10/07/20: Excel export for suspended sales report now has selling price at time of sale
10/07/20: Fixed bug when scanning serial number in receiving the serial number data wasn't populated
10/06/20: Fixed error displaying in development mode
10/05/20: Fixed bug where error message "Cannot add payment of zero" was shown when unnecessary
10/05/20: Fixed bug when doing batch receiving while in transfer mode
10/05/20: Fixed bug where deleted variations where shown on items not counted page
10/03/20: Improved performance of quickbooks sync
9/28/20: When receiving serial number items the cost and selling price now update the serial number instead of global item
9/28/20: Changed the order of cost and selling price for quantity unit variations to match rest of application
9/28/20: Fixed bug in detailed receivings report where quantity received was NOT exported to excel correctly
9/25/20: Cost price on receiving didn't show in all cases
9/24/20: Improved session cleanup for cloud
9/22/20: Removed un-needed column from report
9/22/20: Improved performance and reliability of our cloud service
9/21/20: Fixed bug when edit customer web hook did NOT include person_id
9/18/20: Fixed bug where loyalty multiplier could not be imported via excel import
9/17/20: Gift card cannot be added via product id on search. You now must choose sell gift card from sales interface
9/17/20: Loyalty Multiplier is now blank when adding a new item
9/16/20: Transfers report now show positive instead of negative number
9/16/20: Improved arabic translations
9/15/20: Fixed bug with excel import for variations with only 1 attribute
9/11/20: Fixed style of receivings receipt
9/10/20: Fixed bug when viewing suspended sales from sales --> clicking customer name didn't show correct sales for customer
9/10/20: Fixed bug where fulfillment sheet wouldn't show items in some cases
9/9/20: Fixed clone employee for use with permission templates
9/9/20: Added location filter to deliveries
9/9/20: Added store config option "Do Not Allow Items To Be Out Of Stock When Transfering"
9/9/20: Updated breadcrumb navigation for employee permission templates
9/8/20: When doing a markup/markdown percent the fee can now be applied partially if 2 or more payments
9/8/20: Updated API to support item unit variations and add new fields to API for 17.7
9/5/20: Fixed bug in loyalty calculation where excluded items were causing point calculation to be wrong
9/5/20: Fixed bug in report details for item quantity variations
9/3/20: Fixed bug in selecting custom columns for reports
9/2/20: Improved validation in store config
  • Added employee permission templates
  • Added ability to have custom fields required/not required per location
  • Added option to items and item kits loyalty multiplier which allows items to earn more points when this is set
  • Added customer info pop up message when adding a customer to a sale
  • Added permission to allow/deny a customer to lookup past receipt
  • Can now import quantity unit variations via excel import/export
  • Improved Dashboard Look
  • Improved report printing
  • Added suspended sales to customer popup on sales screen
  • Added Support of link 2500 pinpad for Worldpay/Vantiv
  • Can now capture signatures on receivings
  • Now hide all prices when doing transfers if employee does NOT have permission
  • Now have option on customer Auto Email To Customer that always emails receipt to that customer
  • Added is ecommerce checkbox to summary sales report
  • Dark Mode now has an employee override option
  • Added store config option to disable updates widget in header
  • Added store config option Prompt Amount For Cash Sale which requires an amount to be inputed when doing a cash sale
  • Added option to have default mailing list for mailchimp
  • Fixed bug where markup/markdown was applied to returns
  • Added List Each Location Separately option for inventory --> Summary
  • Cleanup deleted gift cards also removed gift cards with zero balance
  • On sales screen if we detect a large amount we verify before adding
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
17.6 Fixes & Improvements
8/31/20: Fixed bug when adding an item with price rule + serial number, the serial number wasn't saved to a sale
8/28/20: When doing return the tier id was NOT selected
8/21/20: Improved mobile printing
8/21/20: Fixed small bug in loyalty that could cause issue with item kits
8/18/20: Make sure partial transfers cannot be done (Not supported)
8/16/20: Fixed a display bug where merchant id was NOT hidden from e-mailed receipt
8/14/20: Fixed bug with receipt on mobile
8/13/20: Fixed minor bug where starting value for store account payment could be incorrect with cost price averaging turned on
8/5/20: Fixed minor bug where barcodes would show zero price if location overwritten
7/27/20: Fixed minor bug when using quantity unit variation numbers as lookup order it doesn't always find right item when conflict
7/27/20: Fixed bug when choosing dates in arabic language did not save properly (expire date)
7/22/20: Fixed bug when edit variation on sales and receivings where it could not let you edit when using popup
7/22/20: Fixed bug in excel import where commission could be reset if column NOT included in import
7/20/20: Added device signature capture for CardConnect integration for supported devices
7/18/20: Improved enhanced search method to match 3 char words or less
7/8/20: Improved enhanced search method to match part of each word when more than 1 word
7/7/20: When merging customers the store account balance is now combined
7/6/20: Added store config option Do NOT treat service items as virtual products in woo commerce
6/30/20: Added has supplier filter to the detailed receivings report
6/30/20: Added is purchase order filter to the detailed receivings report
6/30/20: Fixed bug where total discount on receipt could be wrong when selling gift cards
6/26/20: Added e-commerce product id to items as an optional column
6/24/20: Fixed bug in clone variation's for e-commerce
6/24/20: Improved workflow for suspended sales when taking payments less than the total amount when using markup amount
6/24/20: Now have validation for new item quantity unit item numbers to check if they already exist
6/23/20: Made it not possible to edit e-commerce order from delivery screen
6/23/20: When changing selling price in receiving with a variation it now updates the variation price
6/22/20: Added new report: Cheapest supplier which finds for each item the lowest priced supplier for a receiving
6/22/20: Ability to save the state of the interface for suspended sales and receivings
6/22/20: Can you shift + click to choose multiple items from pages for many of the data management tables
6/22/20: Added date & time to inventory print list
6/20/20: Fixed search error that caused unexpected query in some case
6/19/20: Add product changelog widget
6/19/20: Add custom fields to modal dialogs for items + kits
6/18/20: Add total items purchased to items summary report
6/17/20: Fixed bug where tag search index not saved correctly when doing bulk edit
6/17/20: Removed cost price from search when no permissions
6/16/20: Added incoming transfers option to receivings module
6/16/20: Update price rule API to support NULL start and end dates
6/15/20: Add ability to have price rules without a date (always apply)
6/15/20: Add quantity unit name to detailed sales report
6/14/20: Fixed bug when scanning in quantity unit variation on receiving cost price was wrong
6/13/20: Improved mobile view of items --> summary report
6/12/20: Fixed printing issue for some printers
6/12/20: Fixed excel import in some cases supplier wasn't able to match
6/12/20: Changed transfer requests behavior to be approved by transfer from location instead of transfer to location
6/11/20: Fixed excel import for location price fields
6/11/20: Changed .yaml file for API to include is_favorite for items + item kits
6/11/20: Fixed issue where locations override of cost price of 0 is used when it should NOT
17.6 Release
  • Added damaged reason for inventory adjustments
  • Added ability to send transfer requests to other locations
  • When cloning item, variations are now cloned
  • Can now set delivery status from sales delivery dialog
  • Added ability to add an item as a favorite. Then you can view favorites on item grid.
  • Can now disable completing sale if price is 0. (Store config option)
  • Can disable promo via bulk edit
  • Pending inventory on items --> inventory screen now only shows layaways
  • Added ability to have item number for quantity unit variation
  • Added change due to receipt
  • Added item id column to items --> summary report
  • Added store config option Do Not Recalculate Cost Price When Unsuspending Estimates
  • Batch sale and receiving now support serial numbers
  • Improved enhanced search method to give more relevant results
  • Added option to disable sale and receiving cloning in store config
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
17.5 Release
  • Added modifier options for items + item kits
  • Added CardConnect credit card processing
  • Added barcode name field for items + item kits so a different name can be displayed on barcode
  • Added tax id option that can be displayed on the receipt
  • Searching of items is now faster
  • Added new report: Inventory at Past Date
  • Added Dark Mode Option to store config
  • Added option to disable markup/markdown per location
  • Added permissions to restrict searching of items, customers, and suppliers on sales and receiving interfaces
  • The summary Discount report now has discounts per each percent discount
  • Can now disable loyalty per price rule
  • Added option to view all employee's commissions on the detailed commission report
  • Can now email or download pdf receipt for receivings
  • Added ability to not allow logins between certain times for each employee
  • Added permission can edit inventory comment for items
  • Added supplier and cost price to stock alert
  • If using markup/markdown you can now see the expected total before adding payment
  • Can now clone suspended sales
  • Added permission for item and item kits to edit prices
  • Added store config option "Disable Loyalty By Default"
  • Added commission amount to the items table
  • Minor bug fixes & performance improvements