17.7 Fixes & Improvements

10/19/20: Fixed bug when scanning quantity unit item number

10/16/20: Fixed bug where tax summary report didn't allow you to compare taxes with another date range

10/09/20: Fixed performance for quickbooks sync

10/08/20: Added shortcut key (f8) to view suspended sales

10/08/20: does NOT show on estimates

10/07/20: works with all payment types

10/07/20: Excel export for suspended sales report now has selling price at time of sale

10/07/20: Fixed bug when scanning serial number in receiving the serial number data wasn't populated

10/06/20: Fixed error displaying in development mode

10/05/20: Fixed bug where error message "Cannot add payment of zero" was shown when unnecessary

10/05/20: Fixed bug when doing batch receiving while in transfer mode

10/05/20: Fixed bug where deleted variations where shown on items not counted page

10/03/20: Improved performance of QuickBooks sync

9/28/20: When receiving serial number items the cost and selling price now update the serial number instead of global item

9/28/20: Changed the order of cost and selling price for quantity unit variations to match rest of application

9/28/20: Fixed bug in detailed receivings report where quantity received was NOT exported to excel correctly

9/25/20: Cost price on receiving didn't show in all cases

9/24/20: Improved session cleanup for cloud

9/22/20: Removed un-needed column from report

9/22/20: Improved performance and reliability of our cloud service

9/21/20: Fixed bug when edit customer web hook did NOT include person_id

9/18/20: Fixed bug where loyalty multiplier could not be imported via excel import

9/17/20: Gift card cannot be added via product id on search. You now must choose sell gift card from sales interface

9/17/20: Loyalty Multiplier is now blank when adding a new item

9/16/20: Transfers report now show positive instead of negative number

9/16/20: Improved Arabic translations

9/15/20: Fixed bug with excel import for variations with only 1 attribute

9/11/20: Fixed style of receivings receipt

9/10/20: Fixed bug when viewing suspended sales from sales --> clicking customer name didn't show correct sales for customer

9/10/20: Fixed bug where fulfillment sheet wouldn't show items in some cases

9/9/20: Fixed clone employee for use with permission templates

9/9/20: Added location filter to deliveries

9/9/20: Added store config option "Do Not Allow Items To Be Out Of Stock When Transferring"

9/9/20: Updated breadcrumb navigation for employee permission templates

9/8/20: When doing a markup/markdown percent the fee can now be applied partially if 2 or more payments

9/8/20: Updated API to support item unit variations and add new fields to API for 17.7

9/5/20: Fixed bug in loyalty calculation where excluded items were causing point calculation to be wrong

9/5/20: Fixed bug in report details for item quantity variations

9/3/20: Fixed bug in selecting custom columns for reports

9/2/20: Improved validation in store config