17.8 Fixes & Improvements

12/11/20: Fixed a bug where an item with only a cost price set for a serial number could get the wrong selling price set when doing a transfer

12/01/20: Fixed a bug in some cases where payment type didn't display correctly in excel export for reports

11/30/20: Fixed display bug with favorites in grid

11/30/20: Added additional validation when deleting serial numbers on items form

11/27/20: Removed un-used testing/configuration files

11/25/20: Improved performance of WooCommerce integration

11/25/20: Added item description to receivings e-mailed receipt

11/23/20: Fixed bug with advanced price rule with mix and match where rule wasn't disabled when editing quantity

11/23/20: Logo now prints smaller on receipt

11/19/20: Fixed issue where pay now button for customer and supplier store accounts didn't always reset amount to pay to 0

11/19/20: Fixed issue where some permissions could be executed without permission

11/17/20: View report button for customers, employees and suppliers now defaults to 1 year

11/11/20: Fix bug in price rule mix & match rule

11/11/20: Can now import customers without a first name

11/05/20: Fixed bug where excluded tiers did NOT apply to mix and match and spending rules

11/05/20: Allow bulk edit to a zero value

11/05/20: Allow other operations while generating receipts to print for today

11/03/20: Show all receipts does NOT show layaways or estimates now

11/02/20: Added subtotal, total, tax, and profit to summary tiers report

11/02/20: Added option to sales screen "Show all receipts for today"

10/31/20: Fixed bug where show marked down price if discounted showed incorrectly when changing quantity unit to none

10/28/20: Improved performance in api when searching items by e-commerce product id

10/22/20: Fixed bug where service items could be hidden from grid