18.0 Fixes & Improvements

03/09/21: When merging customers we now merge points

03/02/21: Removed comma from report outputs

03/01/21: Improved sales workflow for EBT/WIC

02/24/21: Fixed a bug with price rules advanced discount not working with quantity unit variations

02/24/21: Fixed a bug with quantity unit variations not showing right price when scanning item number directly in some cases

02/15/21: Now using less memory for excel exports

02/09/21: Changed Barcode Name --> Barcode Display Name to make it clearer on the function on it

02/05/21: Fixed bug where cost price could not be edited after sale completing in some cases

02/05/21: Fixed bug when editing a past sale with unit variation, profit was incorrect

02/05/21: Fixed bug where customer location was incorrectly chosen for existing customers

02/02/21: Fixed an issue where during a return could result in incorrect out of stock message

02/01/21: Improved performance for inventory counting

02/01/21: When setting promo price for woo commerce it now goes until the end of the day

01/28/21: Added inventory print list summary option

01/28/21: Excel export for multiple locations is now faster

01/26/21: Fixed bug where disable loyalty for price rule did NOT always work

01/25/21: When returning a sale or receiving custom fields are now copied

01/25/21: Supplier filter for reports --> inventory --> summary now working

01/21/21: Prevent suspended sale from being deleted twice

01/20/21: Fixed pagination bug for reports --> inventory --> summary

01/19/21: More fixes for reports --> inventory --> summary

01/19/21: Out of stock items in recv. now show in grid

01/19/21: Fixed display bug with variations in dark mode

01/18/21: Fixed bug in inventory --> summary report where variations in some cases reported wrong inventory count

01/14/21: Added person id to detailed sales report

01/13/21: Fixed a bug in top selling report where comparing to a past date did NOT Work

01/13/21: Added better caching ability for cloud barcode images

01/04/21: Limit location selection on showing all receipts to authenticated locations

01/01/21: Fixed bug when selling unsuspending a sale and selling a gift card

12/31/20: Fixed bug when selling suspending a sale with a gift card being sold where value was incorrect after selling unsuspended sale

12/30/20: Added generation date to reports

12/29/20: Prevent accidental double deletes of sales and receivings

12/28/20: Fixed bug in price rule spend get x get discount where items that were disabled from price rules were counted when they should not be

12/24/20: Revert Summary taxes performance and calculations to previous version (17.8) due to bug

12/23/20: Added customer and employee details to appointment API

12/22/20: Added supplier to inventory print list

12/21/20: Fixed issue when do NOT allow transfers to go out of stock when using serialized items

12/21/20: Added address info to reports --> customers --> summary

12/21/20: Change due is NOT shown for store account payments

12/20/20: Fixed bug with taxes summary report in calculation of taxes

12/20/20: Added confirmation dialog when selling a gift card that already exists

12/18/20: Added more validation to gift card logging when making a modification to a sale

12/18/20: Discount flat amount with discounting tax AND prices include tax did NOT set the tax correctly

12/16/20: Use Item KIT ID if item number not available when printing barcodes