18.2 Fixes & Improvements

09/21/21: Fixed display of columns when there are multiple locations

09/21/21: Fixed issue where loyalty points could NOT be applied on import of shopify orders as suspended

09/19/21: Added Store config option Show Image Max Width Percent On Receipt

09/09/21: Added store config option Indicate Non Taxable on Receipt

09/09/21: Added store config options to hide various grid sections for both sales + receivings

09/09/21: Added store config option to change the offline syncing frequency (1-48 hours)

09/09/21: For SMS receipt validation we are less strict about how phone number typed in

09/09/21: Fixed menu display issue on deliveries module on mobile

08/31/21: Change url format of application files

08/27/21: When importing from shopify we now import taxable/non taxable

08/27/21: Fixed receipt printing on iPad where sale ID was NOT visible

08/27/21: Added option Show QR Code On Sale Receipt

08/27/21: Fixed bug with sales API + Added option hide description from suspended sales

08/26/21: We now hide description on suspended sales screen for item based on preference

08/24/21: Issue with margins on receipt printer in some cases

08/24/21: Fixed display bug where permission template link showed on customers and employees page

08/23/21: Fixed display bug with left navigation menu on mobile

08/23/21: Fixed bug when importing Shopify orders the unit price was incorrect in some cases