18.3 Fixes & Improvements

12/15/21: Fixed issue for Saudi Arabia Digital Receipt QR code NOT having the date in the right format 

12/08/21: On customers module, with multi-location the location filter now only shows locations authorized for

11/29/21: Fixed display bug on customer info popup with custom fields

11/28/21: Added QR Code Format Option of Saudi Arabia Digital Receipt which has company Name, tax ID number., Invoice date, invoice amount, tax amount on code encoded for use as digital receipt.

11/26/21: Added QR Code Format Option of Sale Summary Info which has company Name, tax ID number., Invoice date, invoice amount, tax amount on code. Each field is separated by a comma. The other option is a link to the receipt.

11/16/21: Fixed faulty error condition reporting for suspending the sale

11/16/21: Serial numbers now show in some receiving reports

11/16/21: The default tracking number for delivery is the sale id

11/16/21: Can now add an item to inventory when adding a serial number (By checking a box if wanted)

11/12/21: Fixed rare bug when editing a sale with store account charge to a store account payment with another customer

11/12/21: Added ability to modify modifier prices at sale time

11/12/21: Added virtual terminal support for PHP POS Payments (Powered by coreCLEAR)

11/12/21: Improved validation for additional item numbers on excel import

11/10/21: Added store config option "Default Employee For Delivery"

11/08/21: When doing work order and adding a new customer or item during the process, it will allow you to attach the item or customer directly to the new work order

11/05/21: Fixed bug in receiving reports where receive type was showing returns also

11/03/21: Remove recent export feature for items and customers as it uses extra storage

11/01/21: Collect payment button for work order only appears if payment not collected

11/01/21: Work order status message now appears in all cases

10/29/21: Added store config option Disable Verification For QR Codes (Do Not Require A Phone Number Or Email) when showing QR codes on receipts

10/29/21: Including supplier name on stock alert emails

10/29/21: Fixed bug when doing a receiving where it would say you will be out of stock

10/29/21: Added ability to display custom fields on work orders main screen

10/27/21: Barcode Display Name now shows correctly for items with variations

10/22/21: Work order item now has price set to item's selling and cost price

10/22/21: Offline mode now includes additional payment types

10/18/21: Fixed bug where PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR) could not do manual entry

10/18/21: Now allowing for disable signatures for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR)

10/15/21: Fixed bug in automatically emailing closeout report for multi locations at same time

10/14/21: Only show terminal status if offline for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR)

10/10/21: Added EBT support for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR)

10/09/21: Added item images on pdf receipt

10/07/21: Added Terminal Status for PHP POS Payments (powered by coreCLEAR) and fixed display bug

10/06/21: Added store config options for re-ordering items on sales + receivings screens

10/06/21: Can override symbols for taxable and non taxable summary

10/06/21: Can reorder receipt on receivings interface

10/06/21: Added item name to work order preview

10/06/21: Can now scan item id for work order

10/05/21: When launching a work order you can now scan UPC + product ID right away

10/02/21: Fix bug on receipt where scrolling did NOT work with signature capture

9/30/21: When we detect error with datacap we prompt user to try https

9/27/21: We are now not forcing http for chrome 94 or newer for EMV processing.

9/27/21: Fixed receipt style bug (No more dashes, just solid lines)

9/27/21: Improved work order receipt

9/25/21: Fixed small bug where inventory from many locations wasn't instant synced in shopify

9/24/21: Fixed issue in old version of Safari where application would not work properly

9/23/21: Modified receipt layout to put symbols after the price

9/22/21: Made it possible to open a standlone receipt link from pos receipt