New Features/Improvements in 16.0

  • Item attributes/Item Variations/Product Matrix
  • WooCommerce importing of orders, variations, and performance improvements
  • Reporting design improvements
  • Now can have custom suspended sale states/types
  • Can now view deleted entities throughout system and restore them
  • Added 5 more custom fields to employees, suppliers, and customers
  • Ability to add favorite report that show up as quick links on the dashboard
  • Replenish level can now be per location (and variation)
  • larger images saved for items when uploading into system
  • Added register reports to see which registers are selling best
  • Store configuration option to hide closing amount when tracking cash in register on close
  • Added Optional CC: and BCC: addresses for all email communications
  • Purchase orders, Transfers are now referenced as Purchase Orders and transfers on receipt
  • Purchase orders now have product id separate from name
  • Store config option to remove employee name from receipt
  • Added Vietnamese translation
  • Item and item kit layout form improvements
  • Many Minor improvements/bug fixes