New Features/Improvements in 16.5

  • Can now track appointments for customers and assign them to employees
  • Ability to collect and track partial payments for store accounts
  • When doing a return you can now track how many were damaged so they are NOT returned to stock
  • Added image custom field type
  • Added quantity multiplier for scanning type 5*12345 where quantity is 5 and code is 12345
  • Can now do location specific pricing per variation
  • Can now disable item & item kits from price rules
  • Can now override taxes for sales & receivings at an item level
  • Can now disable gift cards from loyalty (As a store config option)
  • API now has sort col and sort dir
  • Can now add a second language to appear on receipts (Store config option)
  • Added an optional shipping cost field to receivings
  • Can now hide tier on receipt (Store config option)
  • Store account payment type hidden if over credit limit or credit limit is 0
  • Added option to only send stock alerts for re-order level only (NOT out of stock)
  • Can now E-Mail all purchase orders or sales to a specific e-mail
  • Minor bug fixes and Feature improvements