New Features/Improvements in 17.0

  • Can now accept tips (supports integrated tip processing for many credit card vendors)
  • Can have more than one item number per variation
  • Can now pick which columns display in each report
  • Added permissions to edit and delete register log
  • Added store config option "Do NOT upload images for e-commerce"
  • Added Tax Jar Support (Requires Tax Jar Account)
  • Added Default Payment Type for Receivings
  • Can now filter delivery report by status
  • Added report to search for transaction by last 4 of credit card (integrated processing only)
  • Added store config option "Require Supplier For Receiving"
  • Added contains and not contains to custom report
  • Can now bulk edit delivery status
  • Added last edited column to items section
  • Refactored sync inventory changes for woo commerce to perform faster
  • Now has option to hide store account paid sales from reports
  • Can now use regular expressions for delivery zip codes. Example 144.*
  • would match 14450, 14421, 14442
  • Can now have appointments for suppliers and employees (Not just customer)