Fixes for 19.3

  • 9/28/23: Fixed bug for inline discounts and item grouping
  • 9/25/23: Added store config option "Do Not Allow Line Items With Zero Value" 
  • 9/25/23:Added ability to do inline discounts in barcode scan field. Example 10%3333 will add item to cart with UPC 3333 with a 10% discount
  • 9/25/23: Fixed bug on customer and supplier popup forms where credit limit and balance not set
  • 9/18/23: Added close/short amount on closeout page
  • 9/18/23: Fixed bug where the default value of work order notes defaults to internal instead of based on store config option
  • 9/15/23: Fixed bug with redirect to sales or receiving interface after printing
  • 9/12/23: Added phone and email columns for suspended sales as display options
  • 9/5/23: Store Account Manual Adjustment Not Showing In Store Accounts
  • 9/5/23: Fixed bug where not all notes would show up on work order receipt