As it currently stands, price rules trigger if even one condition is met, ignoring the other conditions set. As an example, we sell floor pads. We organize them according to the following traits: size, color, and whether they are one of the common types, or the more specialized versions that cost more. Naturally, cases of pads vary according to their size. With the way price rules currently work, if I create a rule unique to the common types and the more expensive types, the rule will work as expected for the common one, but the same rule will trigger for the more expensive one too due to them sharing similar traits. Instead of looking to check to see if all the traits match, it only checks to see if one matches and apply the rule to it, resulting into erroneous pricing. Likewise, when it comes to two common types of differing sizes, a rule meant for one size will still trigger for another one because they have a single trait in common, also leading to wrong prices. Removing those traits isn't an option because then our inventory will be less organized
My request is thus: please make it so we can make price rules strict in their matching AND APPLIICATIONS.